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Fair Fundraiser Update

By Palouse Hockey, 09/12/19, 9:00PM PDT


Almost through day 1 of the Latah County Fair!  Thanks to our great volunteers!  Today was a slow day in terms of fair visitors but the campers have been present already and work was focused in the camper area and the barns.  Tomorrow and through the weekend, there will be more traffic in the stage and food vendor areas as well as the  exhibit and commercial buildings but don't forget to poke your head in the Show & Sale building between events and the barns to find those hidden cans.

**Reminders:  Fair employees will maintain the bathrooms and will place trash bags from those locations outside buildings like the back door of the commercial building and the exhibit building (across from the rink).  If you see them, please pick them up and take them to the collection point.  

Unfortunately, hockey players in the past have abused their use of the Gator and now only licensed adults are allowed to operate the Gator on the firehouse road to and from the dumpsters only. We need to respect and abide by the restrictions indicated by the fair or lose our use of the vehicle.  Thanks for your cooperation.

Please take a look at the notes left on the sign in table for the most update information by your fellow volunteers. 

Keep up the great work and  be sure to check out all the fair has to offer as you make your rounds.